Hire Skilled Talent

AddONE is a partner of the American Job Center which provides talent development and recruitment assistance to local employers and entrepreneurs at no cost.

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Train New Talent

Here are the tools you need to train your new hires.

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Collaboration is truly the key to getting our economy moving – one job at a time. Be a part of the solution!

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Are you looking for that perfect candidate?

AddONE offers free services to help businesses connect to a talented workforce through the American Job Center.

AddONE is a group of business leaders, community stakeholders and government agencies committed to growing and maintaining the local economy by giving businesses better access to qualified talent through the Talent Pool. Bringing businesses and government together through AddONE allows for implementation of innovative and creative projects to promote economic vitality across Jefferson County. We recognize businesses need to hire great people in order to grow and prosper. Click here for hiring requests.

The AddONE initiative was started during the economic downturn and has succeeded in its original goal of reducing the unemployment rate in Jefferson County through the pledge program. Is your business on the verge of growth? Click here to pledge to hire new employees in the future!